Grand Traverse Area Genealogical Society

Important Announcement

All membership meetings have been cancelled until further notice due to the COVID-19 virus.

Welcome to GTAGS!

We are pleased that you are visiting the Grand Traverse Area Genealogical Society’s website. GTAGS was established in 1979 to support those with an interest in genealogy. Most of our members reside (full-time or seasonally) in the four county Grand Traverse area, but our family origins are from all over North America and throughout the world. We welcome all, wherever your family tree is rooted.
GTAGS fosters interest and skills to support your genealogy search. Whether you are just beginning your family research or are well advanced in your journey of building your family tree, GTAGS will add value to your experience. We encourage you to share your experiences and gain support from others with a common interest. Enjoy discovering the stories of your family’s past and building your family tree.
COVID-19 virus restrictions remain in place both at the Traverse Area District Library and the LDS church, so no 2021 general meetings are currently scheduled. When that changes, our membership chair will send out a meeting notice.
The Contact page provides information to connect you to our GTAGS Board members. We have had several recent changes in leadership:
In December of 2020, President Patricia Kay and Treasurer Ginger Carrick resigned their positions. We thank them both for their service for our society. In January, Director Mary Briggs resigned from the Board due to health issues. We are sad to see her step down because we appreciated her steady, thoughtful guidance to the Board, but we understand she needs to focus on her recovery. Our Vice President, Carol Fitzgerald and our Secretary, Patty Stowe, also resigned and we thank them for their service to our organization. In January, Gini LeClaire agreed to serve as Interim President and Interim Secretary. Sue Leach agreed to serve as Interim Treasurer. Kathi Farley agreed to serve as Interim Acquisitions Chair.
Our request of you: Would you consider serving on the GTAGS Board? We are looking for volunteers to run for the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. We will be holding elections in May. We are also looking for volunteers for Acquisitions Chair (interim is Kathi Farley) and Webmaster (currently held by Anna Rowe Love) if you would be interested in either of those positions. Please contact Sue Leach at for more information about any of these positions or to volunteer to run for the elected positions or be appointed in the case of Acquisitions Chair or Webmaster.

GTAGS Website

GTAGS is pleased to share our new website. The website will be continually expanded with new content. We urge you to frequently check our  website for updates. Watch the events column for GTAGS activities and other events that may be useful to those interested in genealogy.

The new website has a Member section that can only be accessed by current members through their membership account. In this section of the website, members will be able to access information that is not available to all users of the website. You may become a member by clicking on the "Online Join" tab and entering your information. Currently, the only option available is to print the form and mail it with your check. We hope to allow  enrolling on-line with a Paypal/credit card option in the future.