Grand Traverse Area Genealogical Society

Oleson's Fundraising Program

Shop at Oleson’s Food Stores and Help Support GTAGS Mission!
Did you know that through the efforts of GTAGS members and the generosity of Oleson’s Food’s Community Share Program, Oleson’s has contributed nearly $2500 to GTAGS? This money was placed in the general fund and used to support the society's mission of genealogical education providing genealogy books to TADL and speakers at membership meetings.
You can support GTAGS financially by saving your Oleson’s receipts. The amount GTAGS will receive is shown at the bottom of your receipt. If the line “Community Shared Points Earned Today” = 65, for example, GTAGS will receive 65¢ once GTAGS from Oleson’s Community Share Program.
Please shop at Oleson’s, collect your receipts, and bring them to a GTAGS Membership meeting.
You can learn more about the program here: